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Pastel style

Add soft sparkling light with our pastel painting style

The light shines from pastel pictures adding depth to shadows and creating a strong but soft range of colours Our skilled digital artist uses the best digital tools and techniques to create a pastel painting style version of your picture. Building it up on a graphics tablet with multiple layers and individual stokes of digital chalk. As close to the real thing as possible but without the mess and in a form that is readily printable.

This style works well with people ,including babies and children as well as pets. Favourite places and holiday memories also look good in this style.

Our Prices and Sizes

We charge a £45.00 fee for turning your photographs into a Pastel style painting.

Then you just pay for the size of print you order

Prints available from £69 to £155

Delivery in the UK is free

How it Works

photo to art starts with a camera at scarlet ibis art

Large sharp photos with plenty of pixels work best.  Not sure if a photo will work ? Please upload the photo to us and ask our advice.


There are 16 styles to choose from. If you need help choosing a style please upload your photo to us and we will get back to you with some suggestions


Our canvas stretchers have two depths. Choose shallow if you want to frame it, deeper to hang it straight on the wall.

We normally use lightly textured watercolour paper for most styles. Black and white or sepia often look better on satin or gloss paper.


Usually, photos are portrait or panorama shaped. If you want to change the format crop it before you send it. Otherwise, tell us and we will do it for you.

we check your photo is ok for photo to art

As a rough guide every 10 inches (25 cms) needs 1000 pixels. To find out how big your picture will print please upload it to us before you place an order.


For canvas prints you can wrap the picture around the sides Alternatively,  you can have a black, white or coloured edge.

For paper prints have a white border if you want to mount and frame.


If you have specific instructions for us about backgrounds or removing distracting objects e.t.c. please enter these in the box  provided or contact us


If your order is a standard size e.t.c you can place your order online otherwise a payment request can be sent instead.

we paint your photo with digital tools and brushes

When placing an order online an upload facility is available. If we already have the picture/s no need to resend


We check we know exactly what you want for your print . If we need too we will send you a layout, so you see how it looks before we start work on the style.


We start work transforming your photo in the style you have chosen using digital brushes and graphics tools


In a day or two we send you a proof to approve. You can ask for any changes at this stage. You can have as many proofs as you like,  we only print when you are happy with what you see.

photo to art is dispatched to your door by scarlet ibis art

We print your picture on  350 gm canvas or the paper you have chosen


Your canvas print will be varnished and stretched over the canvas stretchers. Paper prints will be cut to size and protected with a clear lacquer finish.


Canvas prints are triple wrapped to protect them in transit. Paper prints are put into large sealed cardboard tubes.


Prints are usually sent via Parcel-Force and will arrive one or two days after being sent at the latest.

From This

To This

Our prices and sizes

We charge a £45.00 fee for turning your photographs into a Pastel Painting

There is a small charge(£10) for each additional person

Delivery in the UK is free.

Prices include the fee

Pastel Style on Canvas


30cm x 30cm (12″× 12″)  £75.00

40cm x 40cm (16″x 16″)  £90.00

60cm x 60cm (24″x 24″)£117.00

75cm x 75cm (30″x 30″)£120.00

90cm x 90cm (36″x 36″)£135.00


40cm x 30cm (16″× 12″)  £80.00

45cm x 30cm (18″× 12″)  £83.00

50cm x 40cm (20″x 16″)  £94.00

60cm x 40cm (24″x 16″)£103.00

60cm x 45cm (24″x 18″)£106.00

75cm x 50cm (30″x 20″)£115.00

80cm x 60cm (32″x 24″)£124.00


90cm x 60cm (36″x24″)£130.00

100cm x 75cm (45″x30″)£155.00

Pastel Style on Paper


30cm x 30cm (12″× 12″) £69.00

40cm x 40cm (16″x 16″) £72.00

60cm x 60cm (24″x 24″) £80.00

75cm x 75cm (30″x 30″) £87.00

90cm x 90cm (36″x 36″)£100.00


40cm x 30cm (16″× 12″) £71.00

45cm x 30cm (18″× 12″) £72.00

50cm x 40cm (20″x 16″) £73.00

60cm x 40cm (24″x 16″) £76.00

60cm x 45cm (24″x 18″) £78.00

75cm x 50cm (30″x 20″) £83.00

80cm x 60cm (32″x 24″) £86.00


90cm x 60cm (36″x24″)£91.00

100cm x 75cm (45″x30″)£111.00


 Once you place an order with us we will work with you to produce a print in the style chosen.

We will produce as many proofs as required and only print when you are happy with what you see.

If we cannot come up with a something you are happy with or your photo just wont work we will refund you in full 

Pastel on Canvas

Pastel on Paper

Photo to canvas

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