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Restore  Old Photos

  • To restore old photos which may have been damaged or seen better days we first need to create a digital version of the photograph .

You can do this if you have access to a scanner. Ideally create a large  file jpeg or tiff with a resolution of at least 600 pixels per inch. You will have a opportunity to upload your file when making an order and after payment.

Alternatively you can send us the original by registered  trackable post. The address is on the footer of the website. Please include a note of your order number so we can match pictures to orders. Ideally also Email us to say  it is on the way. We will then scan the picture for you and send you back the original with  your print once completed.

  • Once we have a digital master we can set to work  addressing blemishes tears creases spots or fading whatever need attention. Once we have done as much as we can to restore the picture we will send you a digital proof to approve. Any  further refinement you need can then be requested


  • We normally recommend the Pinnacle Fibre paper for old photographs as this is designed to simulate the kind of paper used in old dark room prints. Sometimes however particularly for black and white prints a gloss paper is better.


  • If there are specific issues with the picture you want us to pay particular attention to please  tell us  about these in the box provided.


  • If you would like us to  reintroduce colour into the picture you can  we charge a small additional fee for this of £10.00


  • If you choose this option we will contact you get some ideas of what you think the original colours may have been.