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We charge £30.00 to create this effect plus the cost of the size of the print you order

To place an order to have your photograph transformed into a mosiac print on  stretched canvas


1.  Choose the format of print you want square, portrait/landscape or panorama depending on the shape of your photograph or  portion you want to use for the  print Formats




2. Choose the depth of the sides  18mm depth  prints will be produced in inches and 36mm are produced in centimetre’s. use 18mm if you want to frame your print

3.Choose the size  of print you want if you don’t see the size you need please contact us 

4. Choose how you the sides of the stretched canvas print should to be treated

side style

  Black edge- The edge will be coloured black White edge– the edge will be plain white Coloured Edge- A colour from the picture will be used for the sides we will contact you to find out what you need

5.  Proceed to checkout where once you have placed your order you will have an opportunity to upload  the photograph you want to turn into the mosiac and three other pictures  which will be used to make up the mosiac pieces