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Prints for Artists

Digital Printing, Canvas Prints from Original Artworks

Digital Printing has advanced so far that it is now possible to create really high quality limited editions prints for artists from original artwork at reasonable prices. This allows you to reproduce your fine art paintings, artwork or photographs as many times as you like on Art Papers or as a Canvas print. You can also create a range prints at different sizes or reproduce your image on a range of media the possibilities are endless.


Our giclee printers can produce virtually any size print from 6 inches to 44 inches or 110 cms We can accurately reproduce the colours of your original and produce high quality prints on a range of materials.


Basic Pricing

The cost depends on the size, number of prints and what you want to produce your prints on. For a rough guide see the table below.

On Art Paper- Somerset, Gloss or Fine Art (price each)
A4 A3 A2 A1 A0
£24 £28 £32 £40 £50
Stretched Canvas (price each including VAT)
A4 A3 A2 A1 A0
£30 £39 £48 £51 £62

Paper or Canvas

Three kinds of paper We stock three high quality art paper which we have found produce great results for a wide range of media from photographic images, fine line drawings, pastels, acrylics watercolours or oils.

Somerset Velvet

With the look and feel of a rich but lightly textured watercolour paper this paper works well with watercolours, acrylics or pastels producing rich deep colours


Pinnacle Gloss

An attractive high gloss finish with brilliant white shades for prints which  look better with a gloss sheen finish


Fine Art Fibre

The look and feel of traditional darkroom paper with a smooth pearl finish great for graphic images or fine detail images

Stretched Canvas

We use a matt 340 gsm canvas because it produces superb results across a range of media


Creating a Master File

If you already have a digital file created from your original artwork then all you have to do is upload it and we will contact you to discuss how to create a great set of prints. If not we can scan your original to create a digital master. Simply send us an e mail or give us a ring and we  will advise you on the next steps. Creating a master file normally costs £40 including A4 proofs

Image Size

Large files- produced by digital cameras or scanners work best we would prefer RGB TIFF files, or JPEG but most formats can be readily converted. A  sharp well balanced ten megapixel or abovel picture with no shadows or glare works best. See Sizes for more guidance

Colour Proofs

Before we produce your edition of prints we will send you a  paper  A4 size proof for approval,  so you can check the reproduction colours etc. We will then adjust  it accordingly , you can have as many proof as you need we will only print when you are happy with what you see

Canvas Stretching

• We stretch our canvas onto high quality long lasting wood stretchers which are made to order and are adjustable so the correct tension can be maintained long after the canvas has been hung. We can wrap the image around the side of the canvas or keep it just on the front surface whichever you would prefer.

• We don’t have to stretch if you want to send your canvases overseas it can be a better to just have them lightly rolled and supplied in a cardboard tube


Stretched or unstretched canvas are finished with specially formulated Gilcee varnish to protect it from dust and scratches, enhance its lightfastness and deepen the colour tones in your print. For paper prints we use a clear laquer which gives the same level of protection

Image Archiving

We can archive your files and then anytime you want more prints we can produce them within a few days

Need more Information

If you are considering producing  prints from you artwork please contact us.

Happy to help

If  you  need some help with styles or print size please upload it to us and we will get back to you

Taking photographs to use

Photographs that are sharp with  plenty of detail and contrast work best. In terms of size and resolution the bigger the better as this gives us more pixels to work with

What picture work well as a pastel

Sharp pictures with plenty of detail, particularly in faces.

Work well with head and shoulders or full body portraits

Action shots and landscapes can work just a well


Facebook pictures?

Yes if they are yours or you have the owners permission to reproduce them. We can only work on pictures  that our yours. Photographs downloaded from the net rarely permit you to reproduce them and often too few pixels anyway

How do I tell how large my photograph is?
What size photograph do I need?
What if I only have a print ?