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Pop Art Portraits from Photos

Pop Art , Comic Book, Litchenstein, Screenprint and Warhol Squares

Our Pop Art Style

Pop art portraits from photos look great but can lack the detail and subtly needed to really show the character of the subject.  So we have created our own pop art style . With strong tones, fine details, shapes and outlines we can really bring out the character of people and pets using this style.

Dad Pop Arted for posterity
This little dog looks great in Pop Art form
Smudge the kitten is given the Pop Art treatment
Grandad in Pop Art form

Four Other Pop Art Master Styles



Warhol Squares

Comic Book

 Pop Art Portraits from photos  use a range of graphic techniques from advertising, newspapers and popular culture to create striking images. These four styles use the digital form of the techniques used by  pop art masters.  


Pop Art Portraits  of People work best in this style and quite large canvas prints can be achieved from small photographs with this approach. As long as the photo is sharp and clear. We can also add speech bubbles to these to add a little more drama.

The newest family member says Hello
Wedding photos can work well in this style
A holiday snap turned into a pop art print
Personalise the picture with speech bubbles or quotes


A great choice for something on a large scale with bold or even quirky colours to create a centrepiece or statement piece of art.

A vibrant modern portrait glowing with colour and warmth
Even quite small photos can be used to create large canvas prints in this style
Formal portraits can be recyled with this style
Ever wondered what you would look like with purple hair.

Warhol Squares

Great for creating a decorative piece. Works well with people and pets. Needs clear sharp headshots.  Characteristic expressions which deserve to be imortalised work well with this style.

Pets can make a great subject. Here four facing the same way with a wistful expression looks great

Dad facing two ways seem to work best with this picture
A sharp and vibrant colour treatment of the grandson for this canvas
A softer posterized treatment for this set

Comic Book

Reducing the number of colours , sharp outlines, usually in black and vibrant colours are the basis of the comic book look . Works well with action shots as well as portraits. Sometimes if it needs it we add halftone  dots to the image to add to the printed comic like effect.

Here an action shot is made more dramatic by the comic book reworking. In this case the halftone has been added

Pets can look great in this style as it adds some texture and depth if the lighting is good
A holiday snap given the comic book treatment
Dads a rock star now with this picture of his beloved guitar in hand

Our prices and sizes

We charge a £30.00  fee for turning your photo into a Pop Art painting

There is a small charge(£10) for each additional person included in the picture.

Delivery in the UK is free.

Prices include the fee

Pop Art on Canvas

30cm x 30cm (12×12) £60.00

40cm x40cm (16″x16″)£75.00

60cm x 60cm (24″x24″)£102.00

75cm x 75cm (30″x30″)£105.00

90cm x 90cm (36″x36″)£120.00

40cm x 30cm (16″×12″) £65.00

45cm x 30cm (18″×12″) £68.00

50cm x40cm (20″x16″)£79.00

60cm x 40cm (24″x16″)£88.00

60cm x 45cm (24″x18″)£91.00

75cm x 50cm (30″x20″)£100.00

80cm x 60cm (32″x24″)£109.00

90cm x 60cm (36″x24″)£115.00

100cm x 75cm (45″x30″)£140.00

Pop Art on Paper

30cm x 30cm (12″×12″) £54.00

40cm x40cm (16″x16″)£57.00

60cm x 60cm (24″x24″)£65.00

75cm x 75cm (30″x30″)£72.00

90cm x 90cm (36″x36″)£85.00

40cm x 30cm (16×12) £56.00

45cm x 30cm (18×12) £57.00

50cm x40cm (20″x16″)£58.00

60cm x 40cm (24″x16″)£61.00

60cm x 45cm (24″x18″)£63.00

75cm x 50cm (30″x20″)£68.00

80cm x 60cm (32″x24″)£86.00

90cm x 60cm (36″x24″)£76.00

100cm x 75cm (45″x30″)£96.00





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