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Pencil Sketch from photos.

Pencil sketch from photos is a great way to turn an ordinary photograph into a special gift. Our skilled digital artists can take your photos and turn them into a unique pencil sketch printed on paper or canvas. Using digital art  tools and techniques allows us apply a wide subtle touches to your picture.  We can add or take out elements that distract change the background or even make it look like and old master drawing.  We can create a set of family pencil sketches and we are often asked to immortalize family pets with a pencil sketch.

A pencil sketch from photo just requires  a  photo you have taken that is clear, sharp and has plenty of detail.  We can then work our magic and create a pencil sketch of for everyone to enjoy

Thank you for this, it was a wonderful present and you were a pleasure to work with. I’ve passed your details on to some of my friends who were very impressed with the idea and the end result!


Pencil sketch often works very well with pet portraits dogs, cats, horses and  more exotic pets can all be imortalised or remembered this way 

Pencil sketch really brings out the character of this dog
Your horse in pencil sketch form a treasured gift 

Pencil Sketch on Canvas

Pencil Sketch on Paper

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