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Frequently asked Questions

Ordering and Delivery

How much is delivery?

Standard delivery within mainland UK is free. Outside of the UK other delivery charges may apply. For more information see our terms and conditions.

How long will it take for my artwork to arrive?

We aim to deliver all items within 7 to 10 working days of receiving a confirmed order. Delivery may take longer for bespoke items and commissions. If we estimate that delivery will take longer than 7 working days then we will contact you with an estimated delivery date. If you need it sooner please let us know, we will always seek to meet your timescales if at all possible.

Can you ship my artwork overseas?

We normally supply to UK addresses. If you want to send work abroad it is often better to have it supplied unstretched as this is much easier to transport. Please let us know if you want it unstretched.

Can I order a print and have it to be sent to an address other than my own?

Yes you can. Please complete the online order process first and enter your own address as the invoice address. Then please contact us via telephone on 01525 306113 or email us at  to supply us with a delivery address. The reason this is not allowed on the website is to minimise the risk of identity fraud.

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes, Please contact us and you will be given details necessary for you to pay by cheque.

What if I don't like my picture when it arrives?

Bespoke items  made to your instructions and where you have approved a proof are not returnable see our returns policy click here. If you  bought a print from our gallery this is normal  subject to internet buying conditions and can be returned and a refund issued if it is not as described or damaged in any way.

Is there a telephone number I can call if I have a query?

Yes. Call us on 01525306113. We are open from 9am to 5am Mon to Fri.

What is the address for sending printed pictures or CDs?

The address is on the footer of the site and is also included in online receipts for purchases from the site. Scarlet Ibis Art, 10 Albany Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. LU7 1NS

Canvas or Poster Printing

Can you provide other canvas or print sizes?

Yes, we can make canvases or prints in many other sizes although normally 100cms height is the maximum although width can be beyond this. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to discuss your precise needs and give you a quote.

Will the colours on my artwork match with what I see on my Computer screen?

We try to ensure that the colours you see are as close as possible to the actual printed product. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as onscreen colours and pictures will vary dependent upon your PC settings and resolutions.

How can I tell whether my photo will be big enough to print the size I want ?

It is the overall number of pixels the image contains that determines how big it can be printed. For a rough estimate every 1000 pixels equals 10 inches ( so a picture 4000 by 4000 pixel can be printed 40inches by 40 inches).

How do I find out the dimensions for my picture?

If you point your mouse at a picture in  a pictures folder a box will often appear that tells you how many pixels in height and width there are in a picture  e.g. 4000x 4000. Most digital editing software will also provide this kind of information. For further guidance click here 

What does wrap or no bleed mean?

Wrapping is one of the most popular finishes for stretched canvas prints. This involves  printing the images so that part of it appears on the sides of the box canvas frame. This works well with many images but not with others, particularly where key details are near the edge of the photo. See our guide to wrapping for further details. No bleed simply means the image is not bleed or printed around the edge so the edges of the stretched canvas print will be left as white canvas

What materials do you use in your canvas printing?

Our Canvas prints are made to last. We use the finest available pure cotton matt 340 gm canvas,  3.4 cm deep precision made pine stretchers made from sustainable softwood not rain forest hardwood.  For printing we use Epson’s ultrachrome ink set and large format fine art printers. For further details click here

How lightfast and durable are your prints?

The canvas and inks are also very durable and light fast.  In industry standard tests the inks have shown they will not fade in normal indoor lighting conditions for at least 75 years. We also add another layer of protection in the form of varnish or lacquer which improves this still further

I want to frame my poster print can you include a border?

Yes of course if you want a white border we will add one free of charge just send us an e mail once you have placed your order.

What papers do you offer for poster prints?

We stock three papers as standard. We have a gloss, satin and a textured paper which produce superb results and suit a range of picture formats and styles.

What varnishes lacquers or finishes are available ?

We normally  use a satin varnish on our canvas prints as this enhances the colours and protects the canvas.  For Poster Prints we normally use a transparent lacquer. If you need a different finish please let us know we can create a matt or gloss finish for canvas prints using different varnish.

Photo to Art Styles and Digital Art

What kind of photograph do I need as a basis for a portrait?

Ideally a sharp one with good detail particularly around the eyes.   We cannot recover detail that isnt there in the photograph in the first place However, you would be surprised what we can do,  it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, some great designs came from quite ordinary photographs

Can I use more than one photograph as a basis for a design?

Yes please upload the files once you have placed your order and we will get back to you once we have them to discuss what you have in mind. If you need some advice then we are always happy to help. Just upload the photographs to us and let us know what you have in mind and we will check the photos out

I am not sure what effect will work best can you help?

Happy to help, just upload the files to us with any ideas  about what you are looking to create  and we will have a look and get back to you.

I want specific colours in the design is this possible?

The beauty of digital art is that colours can be changed at the click of a mouse so once we know what colours you are after we can work with you to incorporate them into your design. just include your colour requests in the further information box when placing your order and we will get back to you. This will usually involve sending you some digital samples to choose from.


Our Own Designs

I like one of your designs but I need different colours or sizes?

Our designs can often be adapted to work within a different space and within different colour schemes. Let us know what you have in mind and we will modify the design if we can

Can we commission you to design something unique?

Our digital designers love a challenge. We are happy to work with  you to create something unique for a place or space. Contact us with what you have in mind

Hanging and Care of Prints

How can I hang my finished canvas?

Every stretched canvas print has one or two brackets for hanging the canvas frame. All you need is a standard picture hook or hooks for the bracket to rest on. It should then sit flush with the wall.

What are the wooden wedges for ?

The wooden wedges go in the slots at the back of a stretched canvas print and they allow you to re tension the canvas if it becomes slack over time. You should not buy stretched canvas prints without this facility as then you have no way of re tensioning if you need too.

How do I look after my canvas prints ?

The canvas prints are varnished and this is waterproof so dusting or lightly wiping with a damp cloth should not do them any harm .  They are not designed to be hung outside.   Otherwise they will be fine in most internal locations.

Can I frame my canvas print?

If you choose the narrower stretchers which are only 18 mm deep then most framing shops will have frames that will fit. The larger size stretchers which are 34mm deep are much more difficult to find frames that are deep enough to accommodate them.

Can I frame my poster print?

Absolutely, many people want to have them framed and that is why we will provide a white border to your print so it can then be mounted and framed without losing the picture behind a mount.

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