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Your Photo on Canvas

What we offer

● Quality at Affordable Prices

● Two depths of stretchers

●Quick and easy ordering system

●Warp free pine stretchers

●Free digital proof

●Free clear protective varnish

●Free Delivery in UK


Your Photo


Ten things we do for free

Free scanning

Free image Check

Free Red Eye Removal

Free conversion to B&W

Free colour or wrap edge

Free Sepia Style

Free  Colour-splash Style

Free Proof

Free Varnish

Quality Canvas

We use a 340 gm  Poly Cotton Canvas because it very white and yet has a subtle canvas texture, it produces excellent  results with vivid colours  strong tones and stretches well.

Laminated Stretchers

Our stretchers are made from laminated pine from a sustainable source and wont warp over time. We always supply wedges so our stretchers can be tightened if needed


Secure Timely Delivery

We triple wrap our canvas prints to make sure they get to you in top quality condition.

Canvas prints from photos are normally dispatched within 7 working days from receiving your photos

Our prints are often needed for birthdays and anniversaries so we will always do our best to meet your timeframe just contact us and let us know what you need



Epson Printers

We use Epson  printers with ultachrome inks specially designed for large format digital printing.



Wraps available

You can stretche the image around the sides (wrap ) or have plain white black or a coloured edge


Standard Sizes and Prices


Square Prices

30cm x 30cm (12×12) 30.00

40cm x40cm (16″x16″)£45.00

60cm x 60cm (24″x24″)£72.00

75cm x 75cm (30″x30″)£75.00

90cm x 90cm (36″x36″)£90.00


Portrait Prices

40cm x 30cm (16″×12″) £35.00

45cm x 30cm (18″×12″) £38.00

50cm x40cm (20″x16″)£49.00

60cm x 40cm (24″x16″)£58.00

60cm x 45cm (24″x18″)£61.00

75cm x 50cm (30″x20″)£70.00

80cm x 60cm (32″x24″)£79.00


Panorama Prices

90cm x 60cm (36″x24″)£85.00

100cm x 75cm (45″x30″)£110.00

Depth of Stretchers

We can use two depths of stretches with our canvas prints. The thinner one is 18 mm deep and is ideal if you want to  frame the print. The deeper on is 34 mm deep and is designed so you can hang the print straight on the wall

Need a Different Size

If you dont see the size you need please contact us as many other dimensions are possible and we can usually produce  a print in the size you need.

Protecting your Print

We protect your print from dust and uv light with a clear varnish. Our inks are also very lightfast and will last for many decades without fading

Your Photograph onto Canvas

Black and White on Canvas

Colour Splash on Canvas

Our other services

Photo Restoration

If you have precious old  photos or prints in need of TLC we can remaster them digitally and often bring them back to life.


Remaster Photos

We can rebalance the exposure, contrast and colour of a photograph. We can also remove unwanted backgrounds and combine photographs.

Our Designs

Choose canvas art for the home or office. Designs exclusive to Scarlet Ibis. Wide range of styles available on canvas or paper

Prints for Artists

Create prints from your paintings to open up a whole new market for your art. Once created you can print on demand.

Happy to help

If  you  need some help with print size please upload it to us and we will get back to you

Need more Information

If you have a question or need more information about sizes, prices or timeframes please contact us

To Wrap or Not
Wrapping means  part of the image is wrapped  around the side of the canvas frame to give it a three D effect.

However,  where important details such as faces are on the edges of the picture they can be lost around the edges. To avoid this you can either keep the edges as plain white canvas or you can create a coloured border.

Taking photographs to use

Photographs that are sharp with  plenty of detail and contrast work best. In terms of size and resolution the bigger the better as this gives us more pixels to work with

Scanning pictures

Scanning it yourself

The following general pointers may be useful:

●Make sure the glass bed of the scanner and your picture is clean and dust free. An imperfections and particles will show up when blown up large.

●Choose a high resolution for your scanat least 600 is desirable. The larger the DPI the bigger the print we can produce from your file

●In the preview window ensure the scanner is only going to scan the picture  not the whole of the bed of the scanner otherwise you will create a very large file as a result.

●Save the scan as a jpeg since this will automatically compress the file to a smaller size but retain the same number of pixels




Facebook pictures?

Yes if they are yours or you have the owners permission to reproduce them. We can only work on pictures  that our yours. Photographs downloaded from the net rarely permit you to reproduce them and often too few pixels anyway

How do I tell how large my photo is?

Most image editing software will tell you the size of your picture in pixels. If you point at a picture file in a picture folder in windows a pop up box appears which includes the dimensions.

If in doubt please use our upload facility to send us your digital file and we  will check it for free and let you know how many pixels your picture contains.

What size print can I have

Its how many pixels your photo has that counts. The more pixels the better.

As a rough guide for every 1000 pixels equals 10 inches, or 25 cm.

If in doubt upload your photograph and we can tell you how big it will print.

What if I only have a print ?

No problem you can if you scan it yourself if have access to a scanner. Alternatively you can send us the original by registered post to the address on the footer of the website and we will scan it to create a digital master and send you back the original with your print

Digital picture formats


Most digital cameras produce oblong or portrait style pictures. There are two common formats which we can scale up to produce prints in a range of sizes.

40 x 30 cm’s
45 x 30 cm’s
60 x 45 cm’s
60 x 40 cm’s
80 x 60 cm’s
75 x 50 cm’s

What our customers tell us


LD Says

 Canvas\’s arrived today and I love both of them. Excellent service, excellent products. Company keeps in touch to make sure products are exactly what you require.Could not recommended enough.

What our customers tell us


LB Says

….You did a marvellous job and it looks great on my wall.  I’m impressed at how much definition a photograph from a small digital camera can be retained scaled up.

What our customers tell us


SD Says

The canvas is great, thank you so much – I am very pleased with it. I think the colour balance is just right. ……I have also been extremely impressed by your prompt, professional and friendly service throughout and will certainly come back to you when I need any large prints in the future.

Happy to help

If you have a question or query or just need more information about sizes, prices or timeframes please contact us

Need more Information

If you have a question or query or just need more information about sizes, prices or timeframes please contact us

Scarlet-Ibis Art   Telephone: 01525 306113   Email: Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00

ADDRESS: 10 Albany Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 1NS