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Paper Anniverary  

Your first anniversary is a paper anniversary. So what better way to celebrate than a painting printed on fine art paper. Find a favourite wedding or honeymoon picture and give it us and we will turn it into a treasured art work with our photo to art service.

Cotton Anniverary 

Your second anniversary is cotton and our canvas is made from cotton so a painting printed on our stretched canvas  makes an ideal second anniversary present. You can have your photo to art masterpiece in a range of styles and looks to suit your personal taste

Range of Styles Available — Pastel or Oil work well with most wedding pictures. Watercolour looks good when used on a shot that has some movement or action in it. Colour Splash with just the wedding bouquet in colour is very effective. A coloured or  monotoned pencil sketch can create a very romantic feel. For a more contemporary look comic book or graphic novel can be very effective on a wedding picture.


Pictures of the place you stayed at or visited  can also provide the basis of a print on paper or cotton canvas. If you have a good photograph which will bring it all back to your partner then we will turn it into a treasured artwork.

Honeymoon location photo transformed into a painting

That was the view from the hotel ….now a painting

Coloured pencil sketch from wedding photo

Cool graphic novel feel from a wedding photo

Oil painting created from part of a wedding photo

Prices range from £30.00 for a small black and white print to £150 for a large photo to art canvas print. Delivery in the UK is free. The beauty of working with graphics and digital paint is there no mess and within a style changes can be made to your picture until it is just right for you. We love working with your pictures so if you have something you think will work for a paper anniversary or a cotton anniverary present why not upload it to us and we will get back to you

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